target rifle

Target Rifle (T/R) is where it all began. It is the traditional style of long range target rifle shooting that began in the 1880’s in Tasmania and is shot using the military caliber of the day, with open sights and in the prone position. The rifle must be totally supported by the shooter. It is shot at distances from 300 yards to 1000 yards.

f class rifle

F Class target rifle is derived from Target Rifle, but allows the rifle to be supported and also the use of a telescopic sight.
There are three divisions in F class, which vary by ammunition and rest style permitted

Match rifle

Match Rifle (MR) is the extreme long range version of Target  Rifle. MR is shot at 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards. It is like TR, but telescopic sights are used and a rest is permitted for the supporting hand. The rifle may not touch anything except the shooter. Positions other than prone are permitted. The .308 Winchester is the only permitted cartridge.
There is a separate sub class of MR that allows the use of F class rifles and ammunition.

1500 yards

1500 yard shooting is conducted under the same rules as Match Rifle but is not a standard MR discipline.

If you look carefully at the image you can see two impossibly small targets in the distance.

A high degree of preparation and skill is essential along with a good deal of luck.