reloading components

The Tasmanian Rifle Association stocks a range of reloading components for sale to members. We purchase at wholesale prices and sell to members with a minimal markup.



Please email with your enquiry

Projectile list

Berger 155.5gn .308
Berger 155 gn Hybrid.308
Berger 155 gn VLD.308
Sierra Match King 155 gn.308
Berger 80.5gn Match.223
Berger 80 gn VLD.223
Hornady 80gn Amax.223
Sierra 80 gn.223
Berger 180 gn Target7mm
Berger 180 gn VLD7mm
Berger 140gn VLD6.5mm
Berger 215 gn Hybrid.308

rifle propellants


ProductPack size
AR2206(H) 500g 
AR2206(H) 4kg 
AR2208 500g 
AR2208 4kg 
AR2209 500g 
AR2209 4kg 
AR2217 500g 

target materials

Product Price/ea $ 
300 Aim         2.50
300 Centre        1.50
500/600 Aim        3.50
500 Centres         2.00
600 Centres         2.00
700 Aim         3.50
700 Centres         3.50
Long Range Aim         4.50
Long Range Centres         3.50