About the Tasmanian Rifle Association

shooters at Campbell Town Rifle RangeThe Tasmanian Rifle Association Inc. (TRA) is one of the oldest sporting bodies in Tasmania formed on 17 June 1887 at a meeting presided over by the then Governor, Sir Robert C. Hamilton, “to promote rifle shooting throughout the Colony”. The aims of the Association have remained true to that original ideal and the TRA continues as the peak body for full-bore target rifle shooting in this State.

The TRA is a member of the National Rifle Association of Australia Ltd. (NRAA) which governs the sport around Australia.

Full-bore target rifle shooting includes the following disciplines:

  • Target Rifle: Competitions conducted over 300 yards/metres to 1000 yards/metres using 7.62mm (.308) bolt-action rifles with peep sights;
  • 300m ISSF: 300 metres shooting conducted under strict guidelines as set down by the ISSF (International Shooting Sports Federation);
  • Match Rifle: As for Target Rifle, except any sights may be used including magnifying or telescopic sights. Competition is conducted over 1000 – 1200 yards/metres;
  • Free Class: Any calibre up to 8mm is permitted, as is the use of rests;
  • Field and Rimfire:
    • Field Class: Any calibre up to 8mm, magazines are permitted under certain conditions. Competition is fired over 100 to 300 yards/metres;
    • Rimfire: For rifles of .22 long rifle calibre or the .22 Winchester magnum Rimfire. Competition is fired at 30 to 90 yards/metres;
    • Long Range Black Powder: This discipline includes muzzle loading, percussion breach loading and Metallic Cartridge. The rifles are single shot ranging in calibre from .45 to .58 inch;
    • Service Rifle: Subject to State regulations, for rifles of military calibre.

Opportunities exist for representation in State Teams, at World Cups and international competition including Commonwealth Games.

Target shooting is a social activity that brings families and friends together. Responsible attitudes to the handling of firearms is the foremost care of every member and a thorough knowledge of safety procedures is the first priority of every competitor.

The level of achievement you set yourself can be from that of enjoying a pleasant weekend in social competition or striving to represent your state or country. Whatever your goal it will provide you with a sense of satisfaction.

There are 11 rifle clubs around Tasmania and 8 rifle ranges utilised by these clubs.

The Tasmanian Rifle Championships, which incorporates the prestigious Queens Prize, is conducted by the TRA each year in March at the Campbell Town Rifle Range. In 2011, the TRA will hold its 114th Queens Prize competition, preceded by the 13th Australian Match Rifle Championships.